Sunday, May 28th was a busy day at St.John’s.

Both services started with our Military Veterans Ministry honoring those, in all branches of the military, that sacrificed everything so that all may live in Freedom.

Fr. Tim read the gospel in Greek, Yamile read it in Spanish, Tracy read it in French and Deacon Chuck read it in English. Which language did you understand?

Several parishoners wore red for Pentecost, there were red Aloha Shirts and Deacon Chuck even wore shoes that lit up.

Mother Marty was presented a larger Traveling Communion Kit by Fr. Tim. She brings communion to the Mariposa Point retirement community. The Baptismal Font was moved up to the altar, and two new Stoups (Holy Water Fonts) were added the wall on either side of the door the sanctuary.

Pentecost Sunday and Memorial Day 2023 in True St. John’s Fashion