Our ministry is the heart and soul of St. John’s. Fulfilling our ministry requires many people working together for the good of the Church. By offering up of our time, talents, and treasure, we participate in something called stewardship. Stewardship is caretaking for our worshipping community. This place belongs to all of us, and we are all called to share our gifts. We don’t give of ourselves because of guilt or shame. Instead, we give of ourselves because God has so abundantly given to us. Everything we have comes from God, and it is important and healthy to give a small portion back to God. There are many ways to participate in stewardship. One of those ways is with our dollars. A biblical tithe is ten percent of our income. All members of God’s Church are encouraged to tithe for the wellbeing of the Church. The chart below is a tool that can be used to help determine the amount you feel called to pledge. A pledge is your way of telling the parish how much you are able to contribute. Pledging is important because it helps us to prepare our budget for the upcoming year. We make many decisions based upon pledges that are turned in. You may print out the pledge card below the chart and submit it to the church office any time, or you may place it in the collection plate any time you are here. Your generosity is appreciated!

Grow one step chart

(Click on the image above to download a printable version of the Stewardship Campaign form.)

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