Below is a list of our ministries with their mission statements. To find out more about a particular ministry or who its leader is, please contat the office or speak with a Vestry member.

Altar Guild

To carry out, with dedication and loving attention to detail, all preparation needed for liturgy and worship at St. John’s, with an intention of creating a sacred environment of Trust, Peace, Hope, Charity and Love, all for the greater glory of God.

Bible Study Ministry

*On Hold Until Further Notice*
To provide an understanding of God’s words and works as detailed in the Holy Bible and beyond.

Children & Family Ministry

To serve God by providing faith formation for God’s children and families through a committed group of volunteers.

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Chris Becker Dining Hall

To serve the hungry, needy and homeless. We will love and care for our Lord’s poor: serving food, respecting them as people, clothing them, offering prayer and Bibles for their spiritual needs.

Church & Community Events Ministry

To plan, create, organize, schedule, sponsor, promote and publicize social and other events for the church on a regular basis.

Communications Ministry

To coordinate and simplify all the communication that takes place within and from St. John the Baptist, including the website, communication media, email and paper.

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Crafters/Quilters Ministry

To use our hobbies and passions for making items for the greater glory of God, creating prayer, fellowship and outreach in our community.

Daughters of the King

To undertake a "Rule of Life” that we develop over time incorporating prayer, study, service, ministry and evangelism by women. To spread the good news of God's kingdom and to strengthen the spiritual life of our parish. We offer a Prayer List.

Faith Through the Arts

To increase the role of the arts in the life of St. John the Baptist by maintaining a beautiful place to worship and providing a variety of opportunities for the enhancement of faith through the arts.

Food Pantry Ministry

Providing sustenance to all who come before our church in need of food. We are committed to serve the poor and the hungry as our Savior Christ instructed us as part of our Christian duty, by maintaining a well-stocked food pantry at our church.

Habitat for Humanity

Supporting Habitat with our work.

Highway Clean Up

Show good stewardship of our Earth, by cleaning and beautifying “our mile” of highway.

Land Use Task Force

To develop a Master Plan for the church’s property and facilities that covers both short-term needs and long-term possibilities. To share Christ with all people, and create as many disciples as possible.

Men’s Fellowship

Christian men who serve the church and maintain a fellowship which promotes spiritual growth, unity and a commitment to Christ.

Military Veterans Ministry

To recognize, honor and support all military veterans of St. John the Baptist. Render assistance to these veterans in times of need. Provide both spiritual and moral support to families of deployed military members.

Music Ministry

To provide liturgical music for the worship services and support the congregational singing of hymns. We spread the Gospel through music as we support other ministries and each other at St. John’s.

Office Administration Ministry

To provide office support services to the Rector, Deacon and congregation in support of God’s will.

Pastoral Care Ministry

We are a ministry offering prayer and personal care to others, particularly where pastoral visits are needed and welcomed. We serve members of the church who are unable to attend worship services, and/or those who are recovering from surgery, or suffering from loss, loneliness, illness, disability or a life threatening condition.

Stewardship Ministry

To help God’s people grow in their relationship with Jesus through their use of time, talents, and finances God has entrusted to us.

Third Place Ministry for Food & Fellowship

To serve all of God’s children, providing a welcoming place to share food and fellowship for the mind, body and spirit.

Ushers Ministry

To promote a welcome and cordial church environment by assisting both the congregation and clergy before during and after the service.

Women Unlimited Ministry

To create a diverse and accepting community of faith-filled Christian women of all ages and backgrounds, who serve the church, serve the community, and support each other in our faith-filled walk in fellowship.