Our Vestry

In the Episcopal Church, the Vestry is a church leadership board. The Vestry is a decision-making body in the church. Along with the Rector, the Vestry helps to care for the building, the people, and the policies of the parish. Our vestry has nine members who are elected by the parishioners, a Senior Warden appointed by the Rector, and a Junior Warden, appointed by the elected members of the Vestry. Anyone age 16 and up can run for a spot on the Vestry. A Vestry member’s term is three years. Our Vestry also appoints a treasurer and a clerk.
The St. John’s Vestry for 2024.
Front row from left: Treasurer Suzy Mortenson, Senior Warden Tracy Hare, Jackie Luptowski, Rose Hartley, Marykay Nelson, Marjorie Thompson, Dovie Templin, Clerk Nancy Young.
Back row from left: Deacon Chuck Milhoan, Jimmy Diaz, Junior Warden Michael “Buz” Isban, Rector Fr. Tim Yanni, Bob Trotter, Casey Kelms, Frank Pastula.