Search Timeline

Rector Search Team


Mae Sinclair and Mike Werner

Team Members:

Mary Gannon, Rose Hartley, Dorothy Hendrickson, Philip McKindley, Doug Meyers, Colin Smith, Sidney Sneed, Dovie Templin, Marjorie Thompson

Transition Highlights

  • The search committee has received applications from a handful of qualified candidates.  They have reviewed the applications, developed appropriate interview questions, and have set a time to interview candidates.

Next Steps: In December, the search committee will interview applicants for the Rector's position.

  • At both services on Sunday, November 22, 2020, Rev. Bruce Jackson announced that he retires as our rector on December 31. This letter was also sent to all parishioners.
  • Bishop Jennifer Reddall sent this letter, dated December 4, to the congregation to clarify the diocesan canon regarding clergy mandatory retirement age.
  • On January 11, 2021, we will welcome our Interim Rector, Rev. Dave Rickert. Fr. Dave shared this bio.
  • On February 15, Mike Werner and Mae Sinclair were asked to co-chair the search committee.
  • By April 25, the search committee was in place.  See the members of the search committee above.
  • On May 8, the search committee met. Members were given assignments to complete the Parish Profile.
  • On May 16, Search Co-Chair Mike Werner, read this announcement at the 10:00 a.m. service. The congregation was asked to participate in the “Day of Discovery.”
  • By June 6, the committee had received 55 responses for the Day of Discovery. View the results report.
  • On June 11, the final draft of the Parish Profile was completed and sent to a graphics designer for fine tuning.
  • The Parish Profile, responses to 12 questions from the Office of Transition Ministry, and a job posting announcement were sent to Canon Anita on August 2nd.  On the Diocesan website on the Transition page, St. John's is listed as one of the churches that is receiving applications.
  • On August 2, the final Parish Profile, our Job Announcement for a rector and answers to 12 questions needed by the Office of Transition Ministry were sent to Canon Anita. She has forwarded them to the necessary sites for review by candidates. View the Parish Profile and Search Advertisement.

Next Steps

The search committee will interview candidates and forward successful candidates to the Vestry for their review and consideration.

Tracy Hare, our Senior Warden, will provide updates to the congregation as we progress through this transition. Those updates will be posted on this page. We ask that you keep our church leadership and fellow members of the parish in your prayers during this time.

Here are some FAQs that may help answer initial questions.

What does Rev. Jackson leaving mean for St. John the Baptist?

In 2021, our church will begin a search to call our next rector.

How long will it be before we have another rector?

It typically takes 12-18 months.

Will we be without a priest during that time?

No. An Interim will be arriving on January 11, 2021 to work with the church leadership during this process.

Couldn't the Interim just be our next Rector?

No. The Interim has a different responsibility during this transition period -- to get St. John the Baptist ready for it's next rector.

If we don't have a rector, who's in charge?

Beginning on January 1, 2021, Tracy Hare, our Senior Warden, will be the ecclesiastical authority. He will work in conjunction with the Interim Rector and the Vestry to make decisions.

What does the process involve?

Please see the timeline of the process at the top of this page.