When the rain and wind came on Aug. 18th, it did a real number on our trees and shrubs.  The next day after surveying the damage (the housings fence in the back 40 blew down 5-6 sections of their (our) block wall too!) I called Buz Isban and together we wondered what could be done.  I knew that bulk trash pick-up was coming in 2 days, but they hadn’t  picked ours up in over 8  years and besides we only had 2 days to prepare.  John Klems called the city and got St. Johns reinstated for bulk trash pickup, and on Sunday at the announcements during services Buz called for a work day for Monday. Even with the short notice we had 4 women and 12 men (including Fr. Tim), and after 4 hours of hot sweaty work ( and several bloodied legs and arms) we got 90% of the toppled trees and broken branches down and in the street.  The next day the city took everything away!!!  It was hard and hot work, but it was wonderful team effort.  To all involved I thank you- for an amazing effort!!!  Dan B. 

Heart Felt Thank You from Dan Basche